Super Lemonade Factory is a Pixelated Platformer iOS Game

Super Lemonade Factory is one solid game. The soundtrack is entertaining and gameplay is a treat. The dash attack / double jump is such a sweet combo. These devs threw in some touchscreen interaction to switch and stack characters. The swiping made me sketchy at first, but it is really fun and smooth.

Super Lemonade Factory on iTunes

Okay you need to take the time to talk to the little factory people. I normally spam through intros and text, but this businessy / wartime plot is proving any baby can read. You can pick this up on iOS for only $1, if you’re thinking about it still go suck a lemon.

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Gameplay gets pleasantly tricky down the line. I’ve had to set it down and do something else after failing at the same level repeatedly. Pick up this iOS platformer for a buck and turn up the volume.

UPDATE 4/2/2012 THERE’S A HARDCORE MODE! It’s quite painful. Tried to play SLF on apple TV but there was the slightest amount of lag. That lag made it unplayable. So close though, ugh. Soundtrack was poppin through speakers. Try headphones!